Love Not Fear doesn’t have a staff, or a building, or anything like that. We are a group of volunteers bound together in a non-profit corporation to explore how we can counter the culture of fear by building communities and practices of love. We could use your help.

Honestly, we could use you – your ideas, your passion, your energy, your time – to help us figure that out.

But if you don’t have time, we could also use your money. Any money we raise goes into building Love Not Fear – creating engaging and useful tools to help people who feel overwhelmed by fear, convening encounters with people you might think of as different so you can help think of them more as people like you, holding gatherings to help you know you’re not alone, and spreading the word.

If you want to help us in that way, you can donate safely through PayPal using any major credit card. Thanks for considering it!

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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