Love Not Fear is a community of people that want to find ways to grow our ability to choose love over fear in everyday situations and provide an environment to help others see the joy that can come from choosing love over fear.



  • We are building online channels to share encouraging examples of people choosing love over fear and to provide tips for social media users to help them surround themselves online with less fear and more love.
  • We create events for people who are different to encounter and learn from each other in a safe, fun, meaningful way
  • We gather like-minded people who understand the need to counter our culture of fear by building communities of love so they can support and learn from each other
  • We share insight from counselors and psychologists about the things that drive outsized fear and the tools to develop the empathy that overcomes fear.

Who is Love Not Fear?

  • Love Not Fear was founded by Jeff Johnson, who currently serves as President and Board Chairman
  • Board members include:
    • Frances Spurlock, Vice Chair
    • Sid Ansbacher, Secretary
    • Heidi Akers, Treasurer
    • Christy Kennedy
    • Nadine Smith
    • Frank Wells
    • Vanessa LaHaie
    • Jessica Kreger
    • Amy House Gillies
  • Volunteer contributors of note include:
    • Jacqui May, Strategic Planning Consultant
    • Ajla Subasic, Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Manager: Evelina Porca

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