Make Your 2020 Resolutions to Love Not Fear

Want to start off 2020 with some resolutions? Here are a few easy ways you can reduce fear, anxiety and negativity in your life and bring more love into the world in small ways.

  • Set limits on your screen time. You can use the iPhone Screen Time features to track how much time you spend on your phone (and if you have multiple devices, you can track your screen time across devices that share the same iTunes account). Pediatricians recommend no more than 2 hours a day of screen time for kids – but that’s a goal that adults can shoot for, too. Commit to lowering the amount of time you spend in front of a screen from week to week. You can also set limits specific to your Facebook accounts within the app/site.
  • Clean up your social feed. If you’re a Facebook user, identify positive pages and set your notifications for them to “See First.” Sign up to good-news emails to balance the less-than-good-news you may get from other sources.
  • Prioritize friends. Set a goal to have one conversation with a non-family friend – whether it’s over coffee, lunch, FaceTime or phone. Be sure to track each week whether you’ve met that goal!
  • Make new connections. There’s a good chance that you see a lot of the same people from day to day – where you work, in your neighborhood, at the grocery store, where you get your morning coffee. Challenge yourself to introduce yourself by name to one of those familiar faces each week.
  • Encounter someone different. Look for one opportunity a month to surround yourself with people who are different that you are. Attend an event at a place of worship outside your own. Find a local event in a neighborhood that isn’t yours. Attend a lecture about an issue you don’t know much about and meet someone you don’t already know there.

As with all resolutions, the important thing is to track your progress on a regular basis. Good luck!

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