Loving Through Disagreement

Is there someone you love that disagrees with you about something important? Are you dreading that conversation over Thanksgiving dinner or over Facebook? What do you do when someone you love – a family member or close friend – holds views that conflict with your core values?

Join us on Tuesday, November 20 at 7pm at Eckerd College’s Bininger Theater for an evening to hear from people with personal perspectives on the tension of loving people who disagree on core issues like race, religion, sexuality and politics. Share your experience and get new ideas from your fellow participants. Enjoy the opportunity to encounter someone who is different from you in a positive and encouraging setting.

If you enjoyed Love Not Fear’s 2017 event, “Love Lives Here: No Place for Hate,” you’ll want to attend “Loving Through Disagreement,” not only for the conversation on the topic but for the chance to connect with someone you might have thought of as “different.” Love Not Fear’s focus through encounter events such as these is to create a space where people can bridge the barriers that media build to divide us by connecting in an authentic and personal way with someone you might have been afraid of before.

This event’s topic comes from a series of conversations with Love Not Fear fans who are struggling with this tension of love and disagreement. We expect this event will fill to capacity, so reserve your free tickets here.

Love Not Fear is grateful to Eckerd College’s Center for Spiritual Life for hosting this event and for Allegany Franciscan Ministries for providing financial support.

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