When Fear Meets Love

Beautiful union

The reconciling-consecration,

Loves magic-alive and happening.

A wonderful catalyst ‘Lovenotfearmovement.com’ asked about featuring one of my Blogs on their site. I thought hmm, that’s fantastic, but let’s do better than just featuring just any Blog; let’s create something new for this grand occasion of networking, co-supportive-friendship, and blessed creation. Lets see where this adventure of #Lovetocounterfear shall take us. Strap on your adventure hat, tighten your trousers, oh, and be certain to pack a flashlight,,, My name is Nic, and I’ll be your guide through this untold story. 😉

When the experience of fear is reconciled by the grace of Love, they have an offspring named Magic, arcane and enigmatic. Through whole-hearted sincere compassion, compassion so deep-reaching we find ourselves looking back from within the eyes of the dark-less dark of fear, recognizing our very selves. Here within this recognition the pure essence of our core, the lightless-light, the expression of wholesome-being unfolds.

An interesting happening takes place when Love and Fear come to co-mingle. The Love with its many appellations; ‘compassion, understanding, forgiveness, considerate- tender of the everlasting,,,’penetrates the fire walls of fear. All the many expressions of love pour in, fitting perfectly the keyhole of the hardened steeled-unyielding gates of fear. Unlocking the temple doors, as its own, one by one, till fear unravels to be revealed-undone, transformed to become a new born baby cradled within the holy mothers arms. A Baby phoenix peeping the ashen egg, of endless unfolding possibilities. You see, we all weave in and out of being/not being, time-space imploding, unending within this dance of dreaming, seeing, blind, and once again returns pure vision.

Fear may be a shade of love, (though Love I feel is to vast to say this is its only child) woven and spun, by insalubrious decisions repercussions from times forgotten. Wherein we experience something being done to us, without the recollection of its origins, which may have been our very own. So to say we all swim in the same waters, truly only one and whole together.

When we allow ourselves to sink deep into the heart, where compassion reigns, we can see fear and the horrors it brings, not as an enemy, but as a miss-woven dearly beloved sister/ brother, a very integral part of our own being. This opens another door, through which we no longer partake of its delusion, but through sincerity of the heart, see it for what it is with cleansed vision. We choose to Love each other, to see ourselves with cleared eyes again, for the very first time.

I will end this for now, as we return, with an adage outlasting ages;

Where there is Love, fear can not exist.”


Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God.” (A Course In Miracles.)

From the space-between the notes weaving, sacred into symphony.

Amen, be blessed

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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