The Facebook Trick That Could Change Your Life For the Better

One of the central premises of Love Not Fear is that our screens – what we see on media, whether social or traditional – have a huge effect on the level of anxiety, fear, anger and hatred we feel. One of the obvious responses to that is to spend less time watching things on screens and more time doing something else. But beyond reducing the quantity of our screen time, we can also do things to improve the quality of our time online.

Nowhere is this clearer (or easier) than Facebook. Few people know that not long ago Facebook made a change that allows you to have more control over what you see in your Facebook feed by prioritizing what people and pages you see first when you open the site. Think of it this way: who do you want deciding what you see on Facebook – you? Or Facebook?

We’ll start a list elsewhere of uplifting and inspiring pages you might want to follow (besides, of course, ours), and we’d love to have your suggestions to include. But consider this – if you choose the maximum 20 pages to see first, and you choose sites that inspire you or connect you with people you really care about, you’ll have plenty of positive content for your Facebook time (and when you run out of your “see first” sites, you’ll have an indication you’ve spent more than enough time on the site!)

So here’s how, with screenshots from the iPhone app. (On the desktop, you may need to find Newsfeed Preferences from a drop down box in the upper right of the page, but otherwise it should work the same.)

Once you open the Facebook app on your phone, click the button at the bottom right with three horizontal lines:

Then, you’ll click on “Settings & Privacy”

Then choose News Feed Preferences (you may need to scroll down a little for this)

Then you’ll see a whole set of good options, but the most important one is the first one, “Prioritize who to see first”

Once you click on that, you’ll see a list of all the people and pages you follow. Click on up to 20 of them to see them first.

Give it a try! Please let us know whether the instructions here work for you, AND let us know if you see a difference in your Facebook experience!

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