Let’s Do This Together – What Role Will You Play

“How can I help Love Not Fear and really make a difference in countering our culture of fear with love?”

As I’ve talked with people about Love Not Fear, I’ve gotten that question a lot.  People (including you) understand how an overabundance of fear in our culture is hurting us and how we need to create a more positive, connected culture in response. But the “how” and the “how do I fit in” questions are important and real.

Last week, a group of us met to talk about where Love Not Fear should be going, and out of that came a couple of things.  We’re beginning the process of forming a non-profit organization, working on how best to refine our mission statement as an elevator speech, and identifying the key things we need to do to build the community of people who believe we need to promote a loving culture over fear; to equip people with facts, ideas and tools to help them shape their own media environment and raise the issue with friends and family; to support and encourage opportunities for face-to-face meetups to promote simple community with people who cross barriers of difference; and to begin to nudge the major institutions of cultural power to back off the fear and highlight the love in our society.  Through the conversation, we identified a lot of different opportunities, and I’ve grouped them into teams.  Some of them require a high level of coordination that really will look like a team, while others are activities people can do whenever and wherever they are.  I hope you’ll look over the options below to see what speaks to you and join us!  The best way to sign up is via this survey: (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BXPLD3W, if you want to share it), but if you’d rather, send me an e-mail at lovenotfearmovement@gmail.com, or message us on Facebook  or send us smoke signals or…

Here’s the list

  • Love Not Fear Outreach Team

PURPOSE: Spread the word about Love Not Fear

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Willingness to share with friends about Love Not Fear and encourage them to join us

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: More people join Love Not Fear by liking the Facebook page, volunteering, signing up for e-mail list, etc.

COORDINATION NEED: Anyone can do this at any time! Need a point of contact to surface what tools Love Not Fear can provide to make this easy and successful.


  • Love Not Fear Mediawatch Team

PURPOSE: Identify great examples of media (traditional or social) that exemplify Love Not Fear’s core messages so they can be shared with Love Not Fear members

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Willingness to search for examples in social and traditional media and share them with Love Not Fear

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Love Not Fear’s communications channels have lots of examples of positive stories in media to share with members

COORDINATION NEED: Anyone can do this at any time! Need a point of contact to collect examples from the team and share with the Backbone Team for use.


  • Love Not Fear Science Team (aka “the Compassion Corps”)

PURPOSE: Take research on fear, compassion and community and turn it into bite-sized messages that anyone can understand to help point out the problem of our fear-driven culture and inform tools for individuals to help themselves and their loved ones change their mindset.

SKILLS/EXPERIENCES NEEDED: Expertise in social sciences connected to fear, compassion, community and love or willingness to research literature in these areas; Expertise in communicating with non-scientific audiences.

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Lots of factoids, tips and tidbits that Love Not Fear can share and use to help themselves and intervene with loved ones

COORDINATION NEED: Need to ensure that people aren’t duplicating effort. Where there are multiple team members who have similar expertise/interest, need to coordinate work and collaborate on products. Need to collect examples to share with Backbone team.

LEADER: Amy House


  • Love Not Fear Challenge Team

PURPOSE: Develop EASY things anyone can do to promote love and counter fear

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Creativity, interest/experience in social marketing

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Models or calls to action that are so fun that they can go viral

COORDINATION NEED: Working together in a supportive, creative way will help us end up with the most successful ideas. This team will need to work together as a collaborative team with a facilitator.



  • Love Not Fear Youth Team

PURPOSE: Engage middle school and high schoolers in learning and spreading the message of Love Not Fear so that students are conscious about surrounding themselves with positive messages

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Ability to communicate effectively with middle and high school students; connections to schools, youth groups, and other organizations that serve teens

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Students are engaged in promoting Love Not Fear in their schools, organizations and families

COORDINATION NEED: Need to ensure that outreach to schools and other organizations isn’t duplicative; need to identify tools and messages that students require

LEADER: Jessica Kreger


  • Love Not Fear Arts Team

PURPOSE: Tap the power of the arts to promote Love Not Fear and use the act of creating art as a way to engage people in simple community

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Professional artists (ability to create and market art), experience in teaching others how to create art

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Love Not Fear benefits from powerful art that communicates our message through logos, images, music and other experiences; Love Not Fear members learn in meetups how to use art to combat fear

COORDINATION NEED: Coordinating the creative process for art, developing exercises for members, and potentially coordinating with partners to distribute/showcase/sell Love Not Fear art.

LEADER: Karan Porter


  • Love Not Fear Allies Team

PURPOSE: Develop relationships with other organizations that align with Love Not Fear’s mission and/or can disseminate Love Not Fear’s message

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Connections with other organizations, willingness to develop organizational relationships, sales/marketing/business development skills and experiences

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Love Not Fear is connected with other organizations in ways that enable us to complement each other’s missions and have a broader impact

COORDINATION NEED: This is a broad category; coordination is needed both to shepherd the brainstorming process on what allies to engage and to ensure that there isn’t duplication of effort in reaching out to potential allies.



  • Love Not Fear Meetup Team

PURPOSE: Design, market and implement Love Not Fear in-person activities that offer opportunities to have FUN face-to-face social interactions, preferably with people who are different from themselves

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Event planning and marketing,

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Love Not Fear can offer fun opportunities to meet new people who are different from yourself

COORDINATION NEED: Need to coordinate schedules so efforts don’t undercut each other and to coordinate events



  • Love Not Fear Backbone Team

PURPOSE: Provide Love Not Fear with the infrastructure necessary to build and engage the network of Love Not Fear members

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Web design, experience with e-mail management systems, social media expertise

TEAM SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: Love Not Fear has active, engaging, functional web, social and e-mail tools as well as the technology to connect members across distances for meetings and events

COORDINATION NEED: Need to coordinate integration of different Love Not Fear channels so that messages align; need to coordinate with other teams that are providing content (esp. Compassion Corps and Challenge Team);



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