It’s About Time

This week the discussion in the Love Not Fear Community Creators group was about time, because when I asked the members what the biggest barrier was to bringing people together in community, “Time” was the top response.  Now, the context of that response in my little survey was about the challenges of scheduling get-togethers, and several people talked about those challenges. But (as I sorta suspected), for others the response was driven by the lack of available time – both theirs and the people they wanted to convene – to engage in community, and that’s a huge issue in modern life.

The last couple of weeks have been a crunch time for a lot of the Love Not Fear Leaders, so things have moved a little more slowly.  The image I have is of when I was a kid at the beach – as I waded out to deeper ocean waters, you’d have to stop and stand still when the waves broke on you, so you didn’t get knocked back, and only after the wave passed could you make more progress.  To an extent, the last week or so have been “wave weeks” for a lot of folks.

And yet…as we focus on the four things – Being a Beacon, Supporting Community Creators, Retraining our Brains and Changing the Culture – there has still been some progress.  To wit:

  • We’ve got a group focusing on using social media to be a beacon, to which we’ve added Mallary as a Twitter lead. While they haven’t launched yet, having people focused on it is great, and our current social media channels, especially the Facebook page and Instagram feed, are making progress thanks largely to Christy.
  • We have a really good group of Community Creators (cited above), almost 40 people who have been identified by friends as the type of people who get others together, and we’re using the FB group to talk through the barriers they face and how to solve them.  If the result is that members learn some life hacks and tools from each other, then that’s a good outcome.  If we identify some need for which there is no tool, that will be a great item for Love Not Fear to tackle.
  • We have a Compassion Corps – Amy and Kathleen – two people who work professionally in helping people retrain their brains using compassion. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can take what they know and imbue it into our social channels!
  • We have a window into the arts in Karen, which is not only a realm of community that has its own value but can also be a medium for being a beacon.
  • We have a team – Heidi, Loretta and Frances – who have offered (or been “voluntold”) to help me put the organizational structure together for Love Not Fear.
  • And Jessica may help us bring some age-diversity into the mix by engaging students!

For a “wave week,” that’s pretty impressive, right?

I credit this to the line from the video below: “People don’t choose dreams. Dreams choose them.” I continue to be encouraged and motivated by the people who have been chosen by Love Not Fear. Hope you are too!

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