Actual quotes from actual people


These are, to paraphrase David Letterman, actual quotes from actual people about Love Not Fear. I could have said any of them, but I didn’t.  And these were from eight different people in the last two weeks:

  • “I have been thinking about it so much because I am personally experiencing that what the world needs is Love, not fear, in every way. I feel lead to be involved because I am living the experience of this concept! That never happens to me!…It’s inspired.”
  • “I resonate with the call to help out with this initiative, and I await clarity as to exactly how.”
  • “Okay, so I know I want to be involved, I just don’t know how.”
  • “When I really should be doing other things, my mind keeps coming back to this.”
  • “I am being pulled to the cause and am frustrated as I want to do more, take some kind of action rathern than sitting back and shaking my head saying this is terrible.”
  • “I 100% want to be part of this.”
  • “I Love Love and Love the idea.”
  • “This is an awesome concept and the timing is perfect for an alternative to so much going on around us!”

How about you? These eight people, and some others, are putting Love Not Fear together in a Leaders group. Do you feel the same way they (and I) do? Do you want in?

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