Because the main part of the word MOVEMENT is MOVE.

It’s not a movement if nobody moves.

Less than two weeks ago, when this idea that became Love Not Fear was just forming in my mind, my initial reaction was to wait until I had everything planned out before doing anything.  Maybe you know this experience: Ready…aim…aim…aim…aim…

But I happened to be sitting in a room where the conversation was about innovation, and I was reminded of something I knew but wasn’t acknowledging: that success doesn’t come to those who plan everything out in their corner of the world, but to those who build a team and “fail fast”, trying things they can learn from. Moving.

Calling this Love Not Fear a movement is audacious if your points of comparison are the great civic, political and social movements that you read about in history. And maybe audacity is what we need to undermine and undo this culture of fear. But maybe, too, we can make Love Not Fear live up to its name “movement” by continuing to move.

My expectation is that the day will come when Love Not Fear has a full structure of tools to help each of us choose love over fear, pressure decision-makers to change our culture of fear, and support the building of community. But today, the point is to move.

This is not about “likes,” “shares,” or “reactions” for the sake of a pretty chart or spreadsheet.  When you engage with the content we post, you’re telling us what resonates with your deep desire to quit obsessing over fear and explore the wilderness of love; you shape the movement by telling us what moves you.

This is not about “story submissions.” When you post or send in suggestions for content – stories you read, clips you see, personal examples you share because they speak to love not fear – not only do you enrich the Love Not Fear community, but you train your brain to look for such things.  I’ve already experienced the power of that sort of “positive filtering” in the number of times I’ve spotted something that was “Love Not Fear”. Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have noticed them. Now, they move my brain to a less fearful and more loving place.

This is not about “page likes” or “followers.” When you invite your friends to join Love  Not Fear, you give them the chance to choose love and reject fear, and you open up the possibilities for even greater things.  We have a long way to go, and there are lots of roles to be played.  Your friend’s friend’s friend may have just the idea or skill or expertise that ends up making this all work in a way that radically opposes fear with love.  When you invite your friends, you open the window for that opportunity to crawl through.

Move your mind and move your friends, and we’ll build a movement together.

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