My Heart is Full


Here is what awesome looks like today for Love Not Fear:

People are sharing the Love Not Fear Facebook page. People I know and people I don’t know are posting stories, ideas, and “very cool page” posts. Today was the first like from someone who isn’t even a friend of a friend!

Some of the people I really want connected to this, one in the arts community and one who runs a non-profit dedicated to positive journalism, are in the conversation.

As I said last night in the post with the Ocean’s Eleven reference, it’s the unexpected people who are the superstars, and this is what filled my heart today. A friend I haven’t seen since high school reached out to offer to help admin the Facebook page and the (nascent) Instagram account.  In the time between when I knew her in high school and now, she has done some incredible things, acting in love in the face of fear, and along the way she’s also managed some social media.  As awesome as that is, do you know what’s even more awesome? She didn’t know she knew me. She thought this whole Love Not Fear was started by someone else that was a complete stranger to her, and she was moved enough by the cause to want to help.  That, my friends, is what awesome looks like today.

Please, keep sharing and inviting friends. Please, keep suggesting content. And, just saying, if you know anything about building websites, or e-commerce, or start-ups, or grassroots advocacy, or community organizing, or you think you can design a logo that is almost as good as my tween’s, let me know.

Have a great weekend!

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